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Good things happen when you narrow your focus.

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What we do

Digital LAB exemplifies an all encompassing partner to elevate your brand. Through a focused approach, our team dives into the three components that we believe are crucial to the successful ROI of your business.

Strategy. Design. Web Development. Content Marketing. Let our Digital LAB team guide you and share our experience.

Design LAB
Visually elegant, engaging, and deliberate.

Our user-centered design approach utilizes intuitive, front-facing aesthetics. To ensure functionality is always at the forefront of the user experience, our team builds wireframes, prototypes, stylescapes, and mockups. We incorporate our clients’ needs to create responsive and adaptive designs.

Development LAB
Building and maintaining your custom product.

Our developers are experts in open source and scalable web development. With specialities in WordPress and Woocommerce development, we deliver powerful, secure, user-intuitive content management systems. Our custom programming services are built for websites and products to scale.

Marketing LAB
Promote your brand and define your voice.

We are experts in executing multi-channel content marketing and inbound marketing campaigns. We partner with you to increase product sales, generate quality leads, advance membership, and drive donors through search-engine friendly content creation and social media.

Ready to improve your digital presence? Partner with us.

We’ve been helping startups and businesses, managing custom integrations and create better marketing to help them grow. We are content managment experts who follow best practices and work closely with web strategists and project managers to create your perfect site.